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Board of Directors
Installed Capacities
Marketing & Distribution
Material Management
Environment Management
Research & Development
Vision and Mission
Nardes Careers
Board of Directors
Shri Anil Mukim IAS Chairman
Smt. Mamta Verma IAS Director
Shri B B Bhayani   Director
Prof. Arvind Sahay   Director
Shri Sunil Parekh   Director
Shri Piruz Khambatta   Director
Shri M S Dagur   Managing Director
Chief Financial Officer
Shri D V Parikh Chief Financial Officer
Company Secretary & Compliance Officer
Shri A C Shah Company Secretary & General Manager (Legal)
Change in Directorate and Key Managerial Personnel (KMP)
Authority to KMPs to determine materiality of an event or information and its disclosure
Various Committees of the Board of Directors
Code of conduct for the directors
Code of Conduct for the Executives in Senior Management