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Research Papers Published / Presented on International Level

A review on Carbohydrate embedded polyurethanes- Elsevier - Carbohydrate Polymers,   Sonal Thakore, Manita Das,  A.R. Solanki. ( February 2018)

Structure–property relationships and biocompatibility of carbohydrate crosslinked polyurethanes - Elsevier - Carbohydrate Polymers ( March 2014),  Sonal Thakore, Jayen P. Mehta and  A.R. Solanki.

Entwicklung grner Polyurethane mit Bio-Vernetzern - Fachmagazin Fur Die Polyurethnindustrie, Germany (August 2013) - Jayen P. Mehta,  A. R. Solanki.

Development of Green Polyurethanes with Bio-Crosslinkers, European Polyurethane Journal (July 2013) - Jayen P. Mehta, A. R. Solanki.

The Advances in Processes and Catalysts for the production of Methyl Formate by Methanol Carbonylation - A Review. International Journal of Chemicals & Petrochemical Technology (IJCPT) Volume-3, Issue-2. June,2013.  Bijay N Pattanaik

Polyurethanes with carbohydrate Crosslinkers - mechanical, thermal and transport properties, at International conference on “Advancement in Polymeric Materials” Sonal Thakore, Jayen P. Mehta, A.R. Solanki, (Feb ‘ 2012).

“India the unknown market” - ‘Invited Speaker’ at ICIS-CHEMASE-CBI International Methanol Conference held at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Jayen P Mehta (Oct 2008)

“Bio-Diesel Initiative in India and impact on Methanol Demand.” - ‘Invited Speaker’ at Methanol Markets and Technology’ International Conference held at Manama, Bahrain - Jayen P. Mehta, (Jan ‘2008)

Desulphurisation Technologies - New Developments and their Applications; Jayalekshmy Ayyer, Chemical Industry Digest, 58 (Aug 2006).

“Methanol & Derivatives Market” - ‘Invited Speaker’ at Mega Methanol - Projects, Markets and Technology, International Conference held at Dubai - Mr. Jayen P. Mehta, (Mar'2006)

'Indian Hydrocarbon- Bright Business Potential', at C I I and Govt. of Gujarat 1st International Petroleum Conference, The Paper was published as theme of the conference ; Mr. Jayen P. Mehta (Feb'2003)

Quantitative Determination of Iron Chelates and By-Products in Iron-Chelate based Liquid Catalysts for Hydrogen Sulphide Removal;  J. Ayyer,  V.D. Akolkar and  S. Joshi, Paper presented at International Ion Chromatography Symposium, San Jose, 1999.
GNFC - R&D Centre Research Papers Published / Presented on National Level

Studies on development of green catalyst and separation of by-product for Ethyl Acetate process at CSMCRI August 2016 by Jayen P Mehta,  B N Pattanaik,  A B Oza, S K Panchal.

Polyurethane Elastomers: Towards high performance engineering plastics Jayen P Mehta,  A R Solanki ( Conference on advancements in polymeric materials- APM 2016)

“From R&D to Commercialisation” in National Management Convention - Global Meltdown and Road Ahead by  Jayen P Mehta (Feb. 2010).

“Cleaner Production”: Mr. I.G.Chaudhari presented a paper in safety conference organised at Ankleshwar 2009 by Gujarat Safety Council.

“Studies on Purification and Recycling of Soot Water Generated in Ammonia Plant of GNFC” - Indian Journal of Fertilizers Vol 4 (11) jointly by J Ayyer, B N Pattanaik and A B Oza. (Nov.2008)

Development of Environment Friendly Corrosion Inhibitor for Nitrophosphate Plant of GNFC jointly by J Ayyer, B N Pattanaik and A B Oza. - Indian Journal of Fertilizers Vol.4 No. (03 Mar 08).

Treatment of Discontinuous Effluent of a Nitrophosphate Plant; J. Ayyer and V.D. Akolkar, Fertilizer News, 43 (11), 23 (1998).

Biotreatment of nitrate  rich industrial effluent by suspended bacterial growth; S. Zala, A. Nerurkar, A. Desai, J. Ayyer and V.D. Akolkar, Biotechnology Letters, 21, 481 (1999).

Recovery of Ammonia from vent Gases of Evaporation Vacuum Section of Urea Plant and reduction of Air Pollution; D.D. Patel, P.M. Kapadia, B.N. Pattanaik and A.B. Oza, Fertiliser News, 49(10), 57 (2004).

Research and Development Efforts at GNFC; Jayalekshmy Ayyer, Fertilizer News, 47(12), 39 (2002).

Selective Hydrogen Sulphide Removal from Sour Water Generated in Fertilizer and Petrochemical Industries; J. Ayyer, V.D. Akolkar and V.B. Patel, Fertilizer News, 46(12), 47 (2001).

Comparative Evaluation of Rock Phosphates for Possible Vapour Phase Corrosion in Equipments; J. Ayyer and V.D. Akolkar, Fertiliser News, 45 (12), 67 (2000).

Coating Agents for Hygroscopic Fertilizers; V.D. Akolkar, V.B. Patel & Jayalekshmy Ayyer, Fertilizer News, 41 (12), 59 (1996).

Liquid Phase Oxidation Technology for H2S: Current Status and Process Developmental Efforts; S. Bhattacharyya, P.K. Sen, S.J. Chopra, J. Ayyer and M.M. Bhatt, Proc. Ninth Refinery Technology Meet, 1996.

R&D Efforts - Instrumental in Improving Productivity of Fertilizers Manufacture - GNFC Experience; M.M. Bhatt & Jayalekshmy Ayyer, Indian Fertilizer Scene Annual, 1993.

Development of Slow Release Nitrogen Fertilizers ; Jayalekshmy Ayyer, Fertilizer News, 37 (5), 15 (1992).

Research & Development - Investment for Self - Reliance, Excellence & Future Growth; Jayalekshmy Ayyer, Process & Plant Engineering, VIII, 51 (1990).

Towards Nitrogen Efficient Fertilizers, Research in Progress at GNFC; Research & Industry, 33, 4 (1989).