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Liquid Phase Redox Process for hydrogen sulphide removal

This liquid phase redox process uses a low concentration aqueous chelated iron solution at mild conditions of temperature and pressure to remove hydrogen sulphide, a highly toxic, corrosive and common industrial pollutant. Hydrogen sulphide is converted to elemental suplhur with near 100% efficiency.

The salient features of the process developed are:
  It is the first Indigenous process of its kind
The process and technology are developed in technical collaboration with M\s Engineers India Ltd.,India's premier engineering and consulting organisation
Commercially demonstrated successfully at ONGC's sulphur recovery unit . HPCL Vishakhapattnam.
Catalyst, Process and Technology have been developed for H2S removal from a variety of polluting and process streams
The technology is applicable for pollution abatement in refineries, natural gas processing and chemical processing, biogas etc.
Process removes H2S from Sour Gas Streams with near 100% removal efficiency at mild conditions of temperature and pressure
  Uses low concentration chelated Iron solution with performance additives
  Tested extensively in lab and pilot scale at GNFC prior to commercial scale demonstration
  Manufacturing facilities for catalyst and all associated chemicals set up at  CATSOL production unit in GNFC for uninterrupted supply to user industries.
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