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Joint Research Projects with National Laboratories\Universities

GNFC believes in strong linkages between industry and academe for optimum use of available resources and expertise. The company has entered into research collaboration with number of premier laboratories.

The salient features of the process developed are:
  Project for purification of byproduct Calcium Carbonate generated in Nitrophosphate plant with value addition - Joint project with Central Salt and Marine Chemical Research Institute, Bhavnagar.
Technology Development for manufacture of Industrial products with National Chemical Laboratory, Pune.
Biological Denitrification Process using microbial culture - Joint Technology Development with MS University, Baroda.
A collaborative project “Development of Adsorbents and Process for the Enrichment of Carbon monoxide from Tail gas stream of Ammonia plant” with Central Salt & Marine Chemicals Research institute (CSMCRI) Bhavnagar.
Scaling of a PVSA (Pressure Vacuum Swing Adsorption) process for Enrichment of CO from Tail gas stream of Ammonia plant with IIT Bombay, Mumbai.
R&D centre is also Recognised by Department of Chemistry – M S University of Baroda.
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