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Acetic Acid (Glacial)
Toluene Di - isocyanate
Concentrated Nitric Acid
Weak Nitric Acid
Formic Acid
Ammonium Nitrate
Ethyl Acetate
Methyl Formate
Calcium Carbonate
Technical Grade Urea
Other Products
Technology : GNFC is the only manufacturer in the country to employ Methanol Route for manufacturing Glacial Acetic Acid, using British Petroleum's Technology.
Capacity : GNFC produces approximately 1,15,000 MTPA of Acetic Acid (Glacial), and is the largest manufacturer of Acetic Acid (Glacial) in the country.
Acetic Acid 99.85 % min. by wt.
Water 00.15% max.
Colour 10 APHA max.
Formic Acid 0.05 % max. by wt.
Acetaldehyde 0.05% max. by wt.
Heavy Metals as Pb Less than 2 ppm
Iodides 40 ppb max.
Permanganate 2.00 hrs. min.
Freezing Point 16.4 deg C
Specific Gravity 1.049 at 25 deg C
CAS No. 64-19-7
UN No. 2789
• Acetic Anhydride • Monochloro Acetic Acid
• Vinyl Acetate Monomer(VAM) • Acetates
• Purified Terephthalic Acid(PTA) • Diketene Derivatives
Dyes & Dye Intermediates:
• Acetic Acid is used in textile industries for textile processing and printing.
Packaging and Supply
In Stainless Steel Tankers.
In 30 kgs(Net). HDPE Carboys.
Marketing Department (IP)
Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilizers & Chemicals Limited
P.O. Narmadanagar - 392015,
Dist. Bharuch, Gujarat, INDIA.
Phone : +91 - 02642 - 203625
E-mail : jidesai@gnfc.in
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