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GNFC Fertilizers >> Calcium Ammonium Nitrate ( 25% N NARMADA CAN )

Technology : UHDE - Germany
Capacity : 1,42,500 MTA
Moisture, % by weight, max 1.0
Total ammonical and nitrate nitrogen % by weight, min 25.0
Ammonical nitrogen % by weight, min 12.5
Calcium nitrate % by weight, max Particle size 0.5
Not less than 80 % of the material shall pass through 4 mm IS sieve and retained on 1mm IS sieve. Not more than 10% shall be below 1mm IS sieve.
  Narmada CAN granules are white in color and are free flowing, which ensures easy uniform distribution.
Narmada CAN contains 25 % double power N ( half in ammonical and half in nitrate form)
Narmada CAN also contains 8.1% calcium- an essential secondary nutrient for normal growth of plants.
Narmada CAN is excellent fertilizer for entire upland crops. Being neutral in reaction, continuous use of Narmada CAN does not create any acidity and alkalinity in the soil and soil productivity is maintained on sustained basis.
  Narmada CAN is the most suitable fertilizer for commercial and cash crops such as sugarcane, cotton, tobacco, potato, mulberry, chillies etc.
Packaging and Supply
  50 kg HDPE bags with double packing
  Supply through rail or road.
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