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Ammonium Nitrophosphate
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Diammonium Phosphate
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Single Super Phosphate
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GNFC Traded Fertilizers >> Diammonium Phosphate ( 18-46-0 )

Moisture per cent by weight, maximum 2.5
Total nitrogen (ammoniacal and Urea) per cent by weight, minimum 18.0
Ammoniacal Nitrogen per cent by weight, minimum 15.5
Available Phosphorous as (P2O5) per cent by weight, minimum 46.0
Water soluble Phosphorous as (P2O5) per cent by weight, minimum. 39.5
Particle size Minimum 90 % of the material shall be retained between 1 mm and 4mm IS sieve.
  It contains 18% N and 46% P2O5.
It is a very good fertilizer for basal application and more suitable for crops where recommendation of P2O5 is more than N.
Being granular it ensures uniform distribution in the soil.
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