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Ammonium Nitrophosphate
Narmada Plus (19:19:19)
Neem De-Oiled cake
Diammonium Phosphate
Muriate of Potash
Single Super Phosphate
City Compost
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GNFC, in 1982, started fertilizer manufacturing and marketing operations by setting up, one of the world’s largest single-stream ammonia-urea fertilizer complexes.

GNFC is one of the leaders in fertilizer industry today. The company is engaged in manufacturing and selling fertilizers such as Urea and Ammonium Nitrophosphate, under the umbrella brand NARMADA. GNFC, to its credit, has one of the largest Ammonia Plants, which is a reference plant in the world on fuel oil based technology along with the world's largest single stream Urea plant.

The company manufactures and markets Neem De-Oiled Cake also.


GNFCManufactured Fertilizers
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Urea [NARMADA Urea]
Ammonium Nitrophosphate [NARMADA PHOS]
Narmada Plus (19:19:19)
Neem De-Oiled cake
Role of GNFC in Agricultural Development.

The company is engaged in trading of Di-Ammonium Phosphate (DAP), Muriate of Potash (MOP), Single Super Phosphate (SSP), Ammonium Sulphate and City Compost.

The basic objective of marketing such fertilizers is to make available wide range of fertilizers to farming community, making regular supplies of fertilizers to distribution channel and enhancing the company’s turnover. The market is undergoing a sea change and there is a shift from seller’s to buyer’s market. Therefore, it is of paramount importance to make available different kind of fertilizers as per the market demand in different areas, and we at GNFC are more concerned about that. Such steps help in making the distribution channel more strong and developing a good rapport with them.
GNFC Traded Fertilizers
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DiAmmonium Phosphate
Muriate of Potash
Single SuperPhosphate
City Compost

Through a large spread out network of dealers, we are able to reach even the smallest of consumers. Looking at importance of market needs, the company thought it appropriate to enlarge its market base keeping the potential of different areas in mind.

Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and certain parts of Rajasthan are prime marketing zones of GNFC. The company also markets its fertilizers in the secondary markets which include Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Chhattisgarh.

“Narmada Khedut Sahay Kendra” spread over state of Gujarat at many locations keeps us connected with the farmers. Apart from the advisory on day to day agriculture, we provide best quality manufactured and traded fertilizers on the most competitive price.


It has always been our endeavour to manufacture, handle and market quality fertilizers and not to compromise on quality aspects in any respect for short term gains. Our distribution network is also reliable and do not indulge in any kind of malpractice in the trade.

GNFC has a well-equipped quality control lab at manufacturing units, Bharuch. Fertilizer samples are analysed periodically and only the fertilizers which comply with actual specs are earmarked for marketing. It is also our normal practice to analyse samples soon after import and before trading. The story does not end here. It is mandatory to collect fertilizer samples at destinations and get the same analysed. Maintaining quality of the products in every respect is our motto.