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GNFC Fertilizers >> Narmada Plus (19:19:19)

100% Water Soluble Fertilizer
The growing demand for exports and domestic retail has raised the consumer expectations of quality fruit and vegetables. It requires better nutrient management through better products i.e. specialty fertilizers. Narmada Plus (19:19:19) is a 100 % water soluble fertilizer having very low salt index to minimize the potential for burning of plant tissue.
Characteristics of Water Soluble Fertilisers
  High Purity – These are mostly in the purest form delivering maximum use efficiency.
Driven by R & D – Strong research work behind developing these products.
Lower Doses – These are applied in smaller doses.
High Cost - Benefit Ratio – Right Product at right stage in right doses gives substantial yield enhancement.
  The nutrient use efficiency of WSF is better than conventional fertilizers because these are either applied in the root system with drip irrigation or through foliar application on the canopy of the leaves enabling direct absorption of nutrients.
FCO Specifications of NPK 19:19:19 (100 % Water Soluble)
1 Total Nitrogen per cent by weight, minimum 19.0
2 Nitrate nitrogen per cent by weight, maximum 4.0
3 Ammoniacal nitrogen per cent by weight, minimum 4.5
4 Urea nitrogen per cent by weight, maximum 10.5
5 Water soluble phosphates (as P2O5) per cent by weight, minimum 19.0
6 Water soluble potassium (as K2O)per cent by weight, minimum 19.0
7 Sodium as NaCl per cent by weight on dry basis, maximum 0.5
8 Matter insoluble in water per cent by weight, maximum 0.5
9 Moisture per cent by weight, maximum 0.5
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