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Major Categories of Items Purchased by GNFC
Vendor Registration
Materials Management  
fertilizers fertilizers fertilizers
fertilizers fertilizers
Fertilizers fertilizers
Fertilizers Fertilizers Fertilizers
Fertilizers Fertilizers Fertilizers

Major Categories of Items / Goods Being Procured by GNFC :


Major Raw Materials
  •   [Coal]
  •   Rock Phosphate [Detailed Specs]
  •   Furnace Oil [Detailed Specs]
  •   Caustic Soda Lye(47-48%) [Detailed Specs]
  •   Benzene (Specifications) [Detailed Specs]
  •   Toluene (Specifications) [Detailed Specs]
  •   Sulphuric Acid (Specifications) [Detailed Specs]
  •   Chlorine (Specifications )[Detailed Specs]
  •   Hydrated Line (Specifications) [Detailed Specs]
  •   Anti Caking Agent (Specifications )[Detailed Specs]
  •   Special Denatured Spirit (Specifications) [Detailed Specs]
Packaging items
  •   HDPE Bags [Detailed Specs]
  •   HDPE Carboys [Detailed Specs]
  •   M.S. Welded Barrels [Detailed Specs]
Mechanical Items :
Heat exchangers, Pressure vessels, Columns, Pipe / Tubes and Pipe fittings, Valves, Pumps, Turbines, Compressors, Loading arms, Agitators, Filters, A/C Plant and system, Cooling towers, Materials handling equipments and system, Hoists, Cranes, Fans / Blowers, Bull dozers / Terex, Filtration units / system, etc.
Electrical Items :
HT/LT Panels upto11KV&Panel accessories/electric components, Substation automation system/equip., Protection devices, Power transformers and accessories [433V/ 3.3KV / 11KV / 132KV], HT/LT Bus ducts upto 11KV, Instrument transformers, HT/LT Motors upto 11KV, Switchyard equipment upto 132KV, HT/LT Capacitors upto 11KV, LT Generators for DG set, Parallel redundant UPS, VSD, Tubular/ Plante / Alkaline Industrial Batteries & Battery chargers, Auto batteries, HT/LT PVC/XLPE Cables & Wires upto 11KV, Cable laying/termination related accessories like trays etc., Electric equipment & accessories for hazardous area, Lighting fixtures and accessories, Industrial/domestic fans, Heaters/ Heating elements, Testing/Measuring equipment, Elevator, Fire Alarm system, General purpose Electrical and Electrification items, etc.
Process Instrumentation / Electronics Items :
Distributed Control System, Programmable Logic Control System, Control Valves / On-Off Valves, Instrumentation Fittings, Vibration Monitoring System, Online Gas Analyzers, Instrumentation Cables, Smart Transmitters, Level Transmitters (Radar / Ultrasonic), Public Address System, Terminal Automation System, etc.
Chemicals, Consumable and Laboratory Items, etc. :
Process chemicals, Lab chemicals, Indigenous catalysts, Anti caking agent, industrial / calibration gases, Lab glass wares, silica gel, lime, welding machine, electrodes and filler wires, civil items, etc.
Other Items :
Other general use items like employee welfare items such as uniform clothes, etc., office / administration items, vehicles and accessories, etc. generally used in the fertilizers, chemicals and process industries
Note : Application for registration as vendor for supply of items / goods of above all categories is to made in the Vendor Registration Form-1 and to be sent to :
HoD(Materials Management)
GNFC Ltd. Narmadanagar - 392015, Dist, Bharuch, Gujarat
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