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Materials Management
Major Categories of Items Purchased by GNFC
Vendor Registration

At GNFC, we have developed an integrated Materials Management approach adopting latest management tools. All the related departments are connected through a Local Area Network, resulting in paperless environment to the extent possible.

Our various plants are set up with various foreign technologies and hence we have substantial imports of machinery and spares. Our goal is to make right quality of goods available in right quantities at right time and right price from right source.

Major Raw Materials
  •   Coal
  •   Rock Phosphate [Detailed Specs]
  •   Furnace Oil [Detailed Specs]
  •   Caustic Soda Lye(47-50%) [Detailed Specs]
  •   Benzene (Specifications) [Detailed Specs]
  •   Toluene (Specifications) [Detailed Specs]
  •   Sulphuric Acid (Specifications) [Detailed Specs]
  •   Chlorine (Specifications) [Detailed Specs]
  •   Hydrated Lime (Specifications) [Detailed Specs]
  •   Anti Caking Agent (Specifications) [Detailed Specs]
  •   Special Denatured Spirit (Specifications) [Detailed Specs]
  •   Ortho Di Chloro Benzene
Packaging items
    HDPE Bags [Detailed Specs]
    HDPE Carboys [Detailed Specs]
    M.S. Welded Barrels [Detailed Specs]
    HM-HDPE Barrels [Detailed Specs]
    M.S. Unwelded Barrels [Detailed Specs]
Mechanical items (List of items)
Electrical items (List of items)
Instrument items (List of items)
Mr. B S Limbachia
General Manager
Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilizers & Chemicals Limited.
P.O. Narmadanagar - 392015,
Dist. Bharuch, Gujarat, INDIA.
Phone : +91 - 2642 - 247015
Int : +91 - 2642 - 203342
E-mail : bslimbachia@gnfc.in